Marching Band FAQs

Answering your most frequent questions

What happens on a Friday night when there is a football game?

For the Band:  Your marcher will meet in the band room immediately after school on the Fridays when there are football games.  The band will practice until Mr. Farley releases everyone for dinner – typically between 5:00PM and 5:30PM.  Parents can then deliver dinner to their child or the marchers can walk to a fast food restaurant close to the school.  Marchers are expected to be in uniform and assembled in the front of the school by 6:20PM to march into the stadium and then perform the National Anthem.  After the National Anthem is performed, the band will move to the stands and sit in the section that is designated for the band.  Water is then distributed by the boosters and the kids are expected to perform ‘stand tunes’ in the stands during the game.  

Typically, the band performs their marching show during halftime, after which, they may be (Farley doesn’t always dismiss, especially if there have been behavior issues) dismissed for a break for the third quarter of the football game.  The marchers are expected to be back in their spots in the stands at the start of the fourth quarter of the football game.  

After the game, the band marches back to the school and congregates in front of the school for a few minutes for post-game fun.  Once the kids are dismissed by the drum majors, they are expected to change out of their uniforms, hang the uniforms up on the uniform racks, and clean up any trash and/or personal belongings in the band room.  At that point, they can leave for the evening.  

For the Parent Volunteers:  We love it when our parent volunteers come as early as possible to help set up for the evening.  Typically, there is someone at the High School cafeteria by 5:00PM to begin the set-up and coordination for the evening.  Parents can volunteer in several different ways on a Friday night.  They can:

  • Parking:  The Boosters receive payment for parking cars at each football game.  Volunteers are encouraged to be at the school by 5:00PM to begin parking cars and finish at the end of the first quarter of the game.
  • Uniforms:  We always need extra hands helping organize the process of uniforming marchers.  There are always kids who are missing pieces of their uniform, who have torn pieces to their uniforms, who can’t find their uniforms, etc.  
  • Pit Crew:  The Pit Crew is responsible for moving the on-field instruments and equipment onto the field before the halftime performance.  After the performance, the Pit Crew then takes the majority of the equipment back to the band room. We encourage as many parents as possible to learn how to be members of the Pit Crew.  Typically our Pit-Crew Chair gets everyone signed up the week before to help for the football game.  The call for volunteers usually goes out in the booster meetings, through the facebook group, or by emailing/calling the Pit Crew Chair.  
  • General Set-Up/Crowd Control:  Before each game, we need parents to ice water bottles in large coolers and to get the large coolers down to the stadium, take drum stands to the stadium, collect flip folders of music from marchers and take the flip folders to the stadium.  These volunteers also take medical back packs from the school to the stadium and help make sure any other needs of the band are met during the evening.  Typically, parents volunteering as Pit Crew can also help here, but we welcome and encourage other parents to get involved.  

For most volunteer positions, we can provide a pass into the stadium for the football game.  Please ask the volunteer coordinator for your team if you’re eligible for a pass!

What does my child need to bring to school when there is a football game?

Your child will need their show shirt, which they’ll receive before the first football game, to wear under their uniform.  Marchers are encouraged to wear trim fitting shorts under their uniforms.  Athletic shorts work well!  They will also need their band shoes and gloves as well as their music lyre and flip folder.  

Band shoes, gloves, flip folders, and music lyres will be available for purchase on August 1 from 5:30PM – 7:00PM.  

Marchers can also pack food or bring money if they’d like to walk to a fast food restaurant during their dinner break.

What happens on a competition day?

Competition days follow a relatively predictable schedule.  The unpredictable part of competition days is the start time.  Regardless of the call time (the start time) of the day, the following is what can be expected:

  • The band assembles in the band room. Occasionally a pre-competition rehearsal is called.
  • The band truck and trailer are loaded by the band and parent volunteers and are usually sent ahead to the competition site.
  • The marchers are loaded onto busses.  The band directors, staff, and parent chaperones all ride with the marchers.  Typically, parents who volunteer as part of the Pit Crew for competition days also volunteer as chaperones.
  • The band travels to the competition site.  
  • The marchers exit the busses and help to unload the band truck and trailer.  
  • At this point, several things happen:
    • Field props are assembled
    • Marchers change into uniforms
    • Students from the host school lead the band to warm up areas
    • The Pit Crew moves the field props to the field
    • Once the band is warmed up, it moves to the field and meets the Pit Crew
    • The band performs.
  • Once the band finishes their performance, it moves back to the busses where the marchers change out of their uniforms and hang them on the uniform racks.  
  • The field props are disassembled and, along with the rest of the instruments and equipment, are loaded back onto the truck and trailer by the students and the booster volunteers.
  • The marchers are given a snack and water by the boosters.
  • Usually, at this point, the band is sent into the stands of the stadium to watch the rest of the bands perform.  The band sits together in the stands.  Families are welcome to sit with their marcher!
  • At the end of the competition, the awards are given out.  After each award is given out, the entire band stands and does a unison cheer lead by a member of the band leadership. The band then moves back to the busses to head back to the high school.  When the busses are within 10 miles of the school, marchers are encouraged to contact their parents with the band’s arrival time.
  • Once the band arrives back at BHS, the truck and trailer are unloaded and the marchers are dismissed.
  • Competition days can start very early and run very late.  It’s always a good idea for marchers to have snacks and water, extra clothes and blankets (for the competitions on cold days), and pack a lunch/dinner or bring money to purchase a meal in the stadium.  

When do we find out the competition schedule for the season?

Most of the competition dates are already set.  You can find the calendar by clicking the link above or by visiting this link:

When will we find out the schedule for competition days?

Typically a call sheet is sent out a few days before the competition day (usually the Tuesday before) that outlines the call time (start time) of the day and a brief itinerary for the competition.  Often, bands are being added until the week before and we are at the mercy of the host school to release performance times before Mr. Farley can put the call sheet together.  

Who do I contact if I have question or if I want to volunteer?

Mr. Farley ( is always available to help you with any questions concerning the band program.  Jennifer Bradshaw ( can plug you into any or all volunteer positions you’re interested in. You may also fill out our online volunteer form linked under ‘For Parents’ above!

Are parents/families encouraged to come watch the band perform at competitions?

Absolutely!  We love it when we have the biggest cheering section in the stadium!

Where is information posted about events?

Check the for the latest information.  Also, the weekly newsletter will have up-to-the-minute information as well as the BHS Marching Bee Band facebook page (  

What can I expect at a band booster meeting?  When and where are they held?

The boosters meet on the first Tuesday of the month in the Multi-Purpose room at BHS.  The Multi-Purpose room is right off of the cafeteria and, typically, there is someone stationed at the door to the cafeteria to let people into the school for the meeting.  The meeting starts at 7:00PM and usually runs until 8:00PM.

At the meetings, the business of the band is discussed, plans are made, information is dispersed.  This is the place to be if you want the most up-to-date information.  It’s also a great place to connect with other band parents and to get information about volunteering.

What are some of the ways I can help the band the most?

Get involved in any capacity.  Working with the band is incredibly rewarding and just plain fun.  Our band parents are pretty darn awesome and we have a great time together.  

What does my child need to do if they have to miss practice for a doctor’s appointment?

Mr. Farley encourages all band participants to schedule appointments on Wednesdays during marching season.  If that’s impossible, please contact him directly.  Please let Mr. Farley know of any already scheduled appointments before the end of the first week of school per the marching band’s attendance policy.  

How can I get my own Brookville Band gear?

At the beginning of the marching season, the boosters will distribute order forms for extra show shirts as well as other band gear including sweatshirts, jackets and polo shirts.  Veteran parents will suggest ordering a second show shirt for your marcher to avoid having to wash it between Friday night football games and Saturday competitions. 

Look for these forms in the next couple of weeks!